Tibbaa Event ECO Platform gives organizations and brands the possibility to create an even better interaction with visitors. To get to know where your visitors are , we use the data of the ticket sales. By linking location, gender and age to the event type, you can create a target group. Now you can get the right interaction with your target group, so the visitor will have a positive experience and will be treated with respect. You can think of campaigns, offering sponsors and provide unique actions.
Clear statistics

Your event statistics give you the possibility to recognize early trends, as well as the need to have the necessary insights of your income, your social accessibility and your visitors before, during and after the event. Your dashboard gives you the possibility to make a quick and effective decisions based on numbers and trends.

Next generation ticketing

As a partner, big or small, national or global, you experience our involvement with a simple and effective back-end system. Of course we are always attainable and involved as a real partner in your organization. We will think with you in the progress of your event. Think about ticket sales, cashless payments, but also the loyalty of your visitors. Creating synergy by thinking differently as a result of your success is our success.

Technology for visitors

If you have an event for 50 or 500.000 visitors our state of the art cloud platform can handle easily with your low or high volume demands. A fully automatic queue system provides a good finish of your high peaks


We create additional revenue streams for you as a promotor, so your customers get more value for their money by offering vouchers which are linked to your entrance ticket. This enables dedicated sponsoring programs for your event as well as brought customer engagement in peripheral sales.

Create loyalty with the Tibbaa Smartcard

The Tibbaa Smartcard uses a unique loyalty programme that can assist in expanding your revenue stream before, during and after the event. It creates inside information about your visitors and enables Cashless payments, locker box usage, wardrobe security as well as entrance submission in a timely manner.

Merchandise as additional revenue

Your merchandise is in good hands through marketing, voucher/coupon integration and your Tibbaa Smartcard enabled online payment process. A true add-on for your exposure and event business.

The customer event journey


Set up ticketshop

Create vouchers from sponsors

Share event and start selling tickets


As an event organizer you are able to configure your own, branded ticketbox in a breeze and start selling tickets within a matter of minutes.

You can create extra revenue streams by adding vouchers of sponsors and partners, targeted by age, gender and location, to the tickets that are being sold for your event. Want to sell merchandise? A turn-key webshop is available and hey, why not add a voucher of your own to immediately drive sales?

visitors buy tickets online or via app (and they can even get a discount with their loyalty card)

Receive ticket & sponsor vouchers

Use voucher in shop to get a discount on merchandise

Use voucher at restaurant

Order a taxi


By using the Tibbaa Smartcard, whether or not in combination with the Tibbaa app and vouchers, people are being rewarded with free data on their Tibbaa Mobile Sim Card and/or collect points which can be used to get (extra) perks, discounts, upgrades and/or free tickets to Tibbaa events.

Scan a ticket at the entrance

Use vouchers from sponsors during the event

Pay (cashless) for your food & drinks


At the entrance, the digital (in the app) or hardcopy (on paper) ticket will be scanned.

Exchanging the ticket for a personalized RFID wristband, or connecting the Tibbaa Smartcard, enables you to add extra security, cashless payments, digital crowd-control and/or different levels of accreditation.

Visitors using the Tibbaa Smartcard for payments or topping up their RFID wristband, can again be rewarded with free data and/or loyalty points.

User voucher at hotel

Order a taxi

Use vouchers after the event

Get rewarded by reviewing the club


Collected data of people entering, moving around the premises, using voucher or generating transactions through cashless payments or through the Tibbaa Smartcard, are turned into valuable statistics gaining great insights about your event.


Scan app

For your own event you can make use of the Tibbaa scan app. Tibbaa can provide you with our scanners and scan managers when necessary, but it’s also possible to download the scan app on your own smartphone. The Tibbaa scan app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Event app

Via the Tibbaa dashboard you can make your own event app in your look and feel. Make it easier for your visitors to get their tickets, have event information available at any time, share photos and the line up of the event. Use hashtags to load Instragram pictures of your visitors in the app, and much more!

Voucher scan app

To make use of the vouchers (with the barcodes) you’re in need of the voucher scan app. The voucher scan app keeps track of the used vouchers and will give you insight in the usage of it.


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