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Ticketing with Tibbaa

Tibbaa offers various solutions to make your ticket sales possible. It is always possible to create a personalized online ticketshop. Have your ticketshop shared via social media, or place an iFrame on your website. Prefer hard copy tickets? Use our Casio POS systems at multiple locations (plug and play) to increase your reach. In addition, use event ambassadors to sell out your event. Tibbaa has a database of ambassadors who are enthousiast to sell tickets for your event. Reward them with points per ticket sold and take care of unique rewards such as merchandise or a VIP ticket.

Clear statistics

The event statistics allow you to quickly identify trends as well as the necessary insights into your income, your social reach and it covers the visitor ranges from before, during and after the event. The dashboard gives you the opportunity to make decisions quickly and efficiently based on figures and trends.

Next generation ticketing

As a partner small or large, national or international, you experience our involvement with a simple and far-reaching most effective simple back-end system. Of course we are always available and involved as a real partner in your organization. We think along with you in the execution of your event of ticket sales, cashless payments and visitor's loyalty. By thinking in a different way we create synergy, which makes your success our success.

Technology for visitors

For an event of 50 or 500,000 visitors, our state-of-the-art cloud platform easily handles the flow of low and high volumes. A fully automated queue system ensures good handling of traffic at high peaks.


We create extra income for you as a promoter. By adding vouchers to tickets, visitors get more value for their money. This provides specific sponsoring
programs for your event, as it creates a better customer retention as well.

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Online ticketing

Publish and manage your ticketshops 24/7 through a personal account.
Guestlist module, ticket sales through ambassadors, sponsor vouchers, comprehensive statistics, marketing tools and more.
Support for ticket buyers.
Account management with which you can spar by telephone and by mail.
Scanning via scan app or mobile scanners.

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Offline ticketing

Sell hardcopy tickets through the point of sales system.
Very reliable CASIO equipment.
Sales at multiple locations possible.
Can be combined with membercard.
Integrated scanner possible.

Offline ticketing with POS
Ambassador ticketing

Sell more tickets via ambassadors.
Retains full control over ticket numbers and prices.
Make use of the event ambassador database for free.
Reward ambassadors with awards and rewards per sale.
Let the ambassadors SELL OUT your event.

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