ArtJump FUNdRAISER 2018

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Engels Nederlands Frans Duits Spaans Italiaans
to be announced,
31/03/2018 - 01/04/2018
20:00 - 03:00
Be a part of this international evening of art, engagement and international connections! 

The ArtJump FUNdRAISER is a celebration of groundbreaking European arts and artists and the festive culmination of the 2018 ArtJump Funding Project

The Artjump grants allows for the winning artists to take their art on a tour through Europe and have more burners experience their gift. A professional jury will decide which art will win first and second price, and there is an extra grant for the People’s favorite.

At the event, the winners of the ArtJump grants are announced combined with the exciting conclusion of our art auction.

Choose your ticket to support the ArtJump Fund
The ticket price is voluntary based, so you decide what you want to contribute to the Burning Man Netherlands Art fund. You can choose to donate €10,- €25 or €50,- . All proceeds from this ArtJump FUNdRAISER go to this fund to supports (inter)national art.

Dusty hugs,
ArtJump Team
Burning Man Netherlands

More info about the ArtJump project on our website
Ticket Prijs Hoeveelheid Totaal
ArtJump Gifter10 € 10,00 0,00
€ 10,00 + € 0,00 administration fee
ArtJump Gifter25 € 25,00 0,00
€ 25,00 + € 0,00 administration fee
ArtJump Gifter50 € 50,00 0,00
€ 50,00 + € 0,00 administration fee
*Ticket prices exclude transaction costs of at least 13,37

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