Ticket lost, or not received via e-mail after purchase?

With help of your order number and your e-mail address you can easily request your tickets. The order number can be found on your bank statement (showed in green on the right).

After entering your order number and the e-mail address with which you’ve bought the tickets click “submit” and the tickets will appear on your screen, after which they can be easily downloaded. Note: the tickets will not be send to your e-mail address again.

It is also possible for event visitors to create a Tibbaa account, this way you will have an overview of all your previously bought tickets.

Lastly you can search your mail-client for "ticket@tibbaa.com" of check your browser history for "tibbaa.com/order_complete/view?orderId".


If you have any questions, feel free to email us on: support@tibbaa.com.
Please include a screenshot of your bank account with the purchase on it.