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Sales Insights

Through the Tibbaa dashboard, you will have complete insights into your ticket sales. This valuable source of data combined with our user-friendly dashboard will give you the necessary tools to scale your event effortlessly.


Speedy Entry with the Tibbaa Scan App

The super-fast and convenient Tibbaa Scan App ensures that upon entry, your visitors are checked in as quickly and efficiently as possible. The app can be installed on your own smartphone or on our CAT-40 devices. The Tibbaa Scan App makes for a smooth and reliable check-in process for your visitors.

The Tibbaa Scan App is available to download for iOS and Android in the app store.

use our StreetSmart Ambassadors to Sell-Out your Event

Boost your sales with ambassadors through our Tibbaa StreetSmart App. Tibbaa has a database of ambassadors who are passionate about selling tickets for your event. Our StreetSmart App enables ambassadors to sell tickets directly from their phone safely and securely. As a promoter you’re also able to invite people to become an ambassador. Reward them with points and offer unique rewards such as merchandise or a VIP ticket.


Sell Tickets at the Door

Move door-sale tickets at your event entrance with our Casio POS (Point of Sales) systems combined with our Tibbaa Entrance POS apps, which seamlessly integrate with your cashless payment system. Visitors can pay using cash, maestro, or credit card.

Selling Tickets Together

Marketing Tools

Understand your target audience, optimize your online campaigns, save costs and time, and ultimately increase your ticket sales using detailed marketing analytics and statistics. Create targeted marketing campaigns and sell more tickets by integrating Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and more.

Loyalty Program

Reward your visitors using our membership system. Segment your visitor database and set privileges based on special dates, events, birthdays, or gender. This valuable data not only rewards your biggest fans, but also provides useful information to better understand the behaviour of your guests for marketing and security purposes.

Support Team

The Tibbaa team consisting of specialists from the event industry has wealth of knowledge and experience they are passionate to share with you. Whether it’s questions about ticket sales, business partnerships, or marketing services — our support team is here to help you.

Our Partners

All purchases and payments that occur during your event outside of ticket sales – such as vendors, bars, merchandise – must be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our partner Twelve offers this comprehensive solution! With Twelve, you’ll get insights into sales, reports, and how busy it is at the bar all in real time.

Lockerbox is renowned throughout the Netherlands for renting locker boxes for events, music festivals, and venues. Hiring coin lockers for your event means that you’ll no longer need a manned wardrobe with staff — the locker boxes are self-sufficient!

From our extensive years of experience working in the event industry, we know that no matter how well you organize your event, something can always go wrong: an artist becomes ill, a visitor holds you liable, or you have to cancel due to weather. Aon Event Insurance protects you against financial consequences and offer suitable insurance plans for every type of event.


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