Belgian Dancehall Queen & King x Backazz Club

1. Tickets

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Vizarts , Heistraat 34, Antwerpen Wilrijk, 2610, BE
14/12/2019 - 15/12/2019
21:00 - 05:00

The Belgian Dancehall Queen & King contest is back!

The afterparty will be hosted by Backazz Club.

Doors 21h
Contest: 220-24h
Afterparty: 24h-05h
Dj's: Tommy Milfgod & DJ Madbwoy (NL)

Early bird: 5 euro - SOLD OUT
Regular Presale: 9 euro - ON SALE
Doorsale: 13 euro
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– Subscription before 9 dec by e-mail (
All subscribers will at least dance 1 round (presentation).
– For Belgians and people living in Belgium
– Participants can always bring 1 assistent to the event for free.
All other supporters or fans will need to support the event and buy tickets.
– For every participant, we will share one picture (for sure) and 1 video ((if provided) online before the contest..
– Participants agree that pictures and movies will be made during the contest and distributed after.

1. Presentation round
– All dancers dance 1:30 min (Max 8 will stay in the game - no matter how much participate)
– Each dancer brings her/his own music and chooses herself/himself the (dancehall) stylez you bring. .
2. Knowledge round
– Each dancer dances 1:30 min each (max 4 stay)
– Each dancer draws a step/dance which they then perform. The steps/dances and music will be selected by the jury, before the contest. Tunes for men and tunes for females. Dancers randomly pick the tunes from the hat. 1 tune each.
All tunes are alltime-top-10-dancehall-dancing tunes who all participants should know.
3. Showoff round
– Each dancer dances 1 min (max 2 stay for the finals)
– Each dancer brings her/his own music and chooses herself/himself the (dancehall) stylez you bring. .
4 Finals :
– Part 1: 1 min solo freestyle (both finalists on the same tune)
– Part 2: both dancers dance to 1 tune for 1 min together
Music will be selected in advance of the contest, by the jury, for both parts, tunes for men and tunes for females. Finalists randomly pick the tunes from the hat.

Participants need to bring their own music, track or mix for the presentation round (1:30min) and the showoff round (1min). They should email them (at latest) before the day of the show (so friday) AND bring them on a USB to the show.

– Participants will be judged on numerous categories: the steps, the elegance, the crowd interaction, the outfit(s), etc. for every round.
– The contest will be hosted by Richy Styles. The DJ during the contest is Madbwoy. Both are not judging!

- Lady K aka K-Roll Tilman aka Carole Tilman - Belgian DH-Queen 2019
- Aya Level aka Aya Level - European Dancehall Queen (FR)
- Loic Ngaibona - Belgian DH-King 2019

Dj/Mc RichyStylez

Each Queen and King win:
- The title ! You are officially a Belgian Dancehall Queen or King
- 250 euro in cash
- 1 week free stay at Belleh23 in Kingston Jamaica

Want to join the contest?
Mail us at


VIZARTS, Heistraat 34a, Antwerpen-Wilrijk - Vizarts

PARKING: veel (in de wijk) / a lot (around the venue)
BIKE PARKING: ook veel / also a lot
BUSSEN Stoppen voor de deur (De Bist)
33 - Ekeren/Merksem
181 - Rumst/Aartselaar
21 - Neerland/Middelheim/CentraalStation
17 - UZA/Noorderplaats/CentraalStation
180 - Aartselaar/Groenplaats
141 - Wijnegem/Mortsel/Hoboken
22 - Edegem/Groenplaats
131 - Lier

Event is not active