Let the Light in - Shama Rahman album launch show

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The Post Bar, High Road 316, London, N15 4BP, GB
29/02/2020 - 01/03/2020
20:00 - 01:30
One Psychedelic NIGHT
Worldbeat, Jazz, Folk, Bossanova

8:00 Doors open
8:30 Rhythm Passport playlist selection
9:30 Luiz Murá: Originals set
10:30 SHAMA: 'Let the Light In' Album Launch
11:40 Luiz & Shama JAM
12:00 DJ Lou Pino
01:00 Closing

“Imagine Dead Can Dance and Björk getting together in a folk club, to make jazzy trip-hop records... with sitars.” - Songwriting Magazine.

Shama Rahman was born in the United Arab Emirates, has British-Bangladeshi roots and lives in London. This melange lives and radiates in her music.
In Feb 2020 Shama releases her third studio album, 'Let The Light In' (NarRator Records) - as 'Shama and Friends'.
This is a wonderfully collaborative creative endeavour with musicians from all over Europe. Composed, improvised and recorded over two years on the shores of beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary, it features incredible instrumentalists and composers from France, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, and ofcourse the UK. Diverse in inspiration and unified in Shama's distinctive style of cross-genre sitar-embedded multicultural sound.

“A sort of general theme in the album is going from darkness into lightness. The idea behind it is that only through dark times, where things break down, can you see the gaps through which the light can shine.” she says, inspired by Leonard Cohen.

'Let The Light In' will be launched in The Post Bar in London on the 29th of February, where Shama will start a tour around Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

'Umami', a Japanese word that expresses the harmonious flavours created through the combination of different ingredients working perfectly together.
“Mestizo” in body and soul, the Barcelona-based guitarist has Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Brasilian blood pump in his vein.
Bossa Nova by itself brings a lot of originality, and Luiz Murá makes it resonate with precision and staying true to its essence.
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