Tone Festival 2017

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Gentstraat 125, 9140 Tielrode,
15/07/2017 - 16/07/2017
13:00 - 01:00
This summer we will launch a brand new festival in Tielrode called Tone Festival !

We will guide you through an atmosphere of electronic sounds on a abandoned place surrounded by nature... A unique place in the lower lands of Tielrode.

Presale Points :

- Atelier G.O
- Brasserie Sinte Marie
- Broers&Brillen
- Met Tijd en Boterhammen


STEVE O’SULLIVAN (Sushitech, Bluetrain, Mosaïc, UK)

YANNICK ROBYNS (Parallel, Chalet, Berlin, DE)

PIERRE (Fuse, Lessizmore, BE)


NSLD (Out Of The Ordinary, Urgent , BE)

OGUST ( Out Of The Ordinary, Afslag, BE)

LIOS ( Nachtklubb, BE)

Design by Silke Joosens

Event is not active

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