Dutch Decompression 2018

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Engels Nederlands Frans Duits Spaans Italiaans Polish Turkish
RADION, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Louwesweg 1 , Amsterdam, 1066 EA , NL
10/11/2018 - 11/11/2018
15:00 - 06:00

*** Art, Performances, Music, Fire, YOU!***

We are very happy to invite you to the Dutch Decompression on November 10 @ Radion, Amsterdam for the fifth time in a row.

It will be an afternoon & night full of Art, performances, surprises, Hugs ‘nd Hello’s and music - together.

Because probably the inevitable homesickness is kicking in… And what you (and all of us) need is a proper Decompression!

*Please read below for more info and low-income tickets*

Event summary:

  • Date: 10 November 2018
  • Daytime (free, no ticket needed): 15.00 – 22.00
  • Night time (admission by ticket only): 21.00 – 06.00
  • Venue: Radion, Amsterdam.
  • Event page: facebook.com/events. Updates about the event will be shared there frequently, so keep an eye on that page!


Who can get tickets?

  • All can get a ticket for this Dutch Decom until tickets have sold out, also non-event members.

How many tickets can I get?

  • You can obtain a maximum of two tickets per person/email address.

Is it radical self-reliance?

  • Due to restrictions with the venue, no own drinks and food is allowed indoors. But for all other means: yes, we completely trust on your self-reliance, ánd your ability to educate your newbie friends, guests and virgin burners about the Burning Man principles and Consent.

Can I bring my art/perform at the Dutch Decom?

Can I help?

  • Again: yes! Together we make this Decom happen, so please step up as Lead, volunteer or with any other!

What if -despite all my efforts- I find myself unable to attend after all?

  • We trust on the self-reliance of the burner to redistribute the ticket to the community on own account (face value or gift of course).

Something went wrong! Who do I contact?

  • Check the FAQ from Tibbaa first:
  • If it’s not a technical issue that can be solved by Tibbaa, send an email to tickets@burningman.nl

Do you have low-income tickets?

We did. But the register phase for LowIncomeTickets is closed. You cannot apply for a LIT anymore. Everybody who has applied for one, will receive notice before 24ht of October.


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